The history of The Irish Psychoanalytic Film Forum

The Forum, previously known as The Irish Psychoanalytic Film Festival, is a vibrant community led by a dedicated committee. This gathering has illuminated the intersection of film and psychoanalysis for nearly 14 years, engaging filmmakers, theorists, psychotherapists, academics, and film enthusiasts alike. Recently, our mission expanded, evolving into the Forum to embrace a broader spectrum of events and discussions.

The festival was originally founded by Olga Cox Cameron and the book Psychoanalysis and the Small Screen: The Year the Cinemas Closed  has been fondly dedicated to her.

Throughout the years the Film Festival has explored and screened many topics provoking dialogues between psychoanalysis and the broader community of  film makers, film theorists, psychotherapists, academics and the general interested layperson who enjoys film and likes to analyse the unconscious resonances of this artform. 

Currently the Film Forum committee comprises Carol Owens,  Sarah Meehan O'Callaghan, Barbara Fitzgerald, Ivana Milivojevic, Nigel Mulligan and Jones Irwin.

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